Is it enough?

The following is a letter written in response to a friend who answered a question I posted on the Catholic Radio Group site on

Thank you for your reply. I deeply appreciate the situation in your country and have been very puzzled by the lack of outrage among your countrymen regarding their loss of freedoms. The Church has a huge job to do, but not an impossible one.

I posed the question because I have recently been asking myself what is the fruit of Catholic Radio? There is fruit, doubtless, but specifically what I’m asking for is evidence of action on the part of those effected by Catholic Radio. Where are the rosary groups? The home bible studies? The street preaching? The active part of our calling is in my opinion seriously lacking. Granted I live in the Pacific NW – Portland, OR – where things are very bad for christianity, but I’ve worked in the Midwest, California, Nevada and haven’t seen enough corresponding action among Catholic Radio listeners. My response to this is to wonder if Catholic Radio as such, is enough?

I don’t think so. Catholic Radio is a great tool, but just a tool. More is needed. Stations need to be centers of evangelization. They need to encourage evangelization, teach it, demonstrate it, and live it. I think this will require a new initiative in programming. Catechesis is good and necessary – knowing your faith is good but if all you do with that knowledge is contemplate it for your own benefit then you are a poor servant indeed. We MUST act!

For myself I have made a committment with two other friends to make a new kind of catholic radio program. One that creates and promotes a kind of campaign like what Fr. Peyton did with his radio rosary. We will broadcast a program that demistifies the process of evangelization. That interviews those who’ve “gone ahead” and ARE evangelizing and how they got started and what they’ve learned, so others can take courage from their example. Then we plan to produce films that show the fruit of this action and online video tutorials that teach the steps of evangelization. And, then we plan to raise crowds of people to hear Catholic Evangelists – stadiums of people. It is time to “put out into the deep” and to not be afraid!

As for your circumstances my friend, Hallelujah! You are in a perfect (albeit painful) place. Allow the Lord to work through your circumstances to humble you and to prepare you for the work that He is calling you to. I believe that the message of the current times is “Have Faith, God will Provide without fail!”

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